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About Us

Suppliers of quality Pacific Oysters for over 30 years. What started out as a small family owned business in 1971 has expanded into one of the finest vertically integrated oyster farms in the region, producing world class oyster products ranging from 3mm spat to Jumbo live oysters that are in demand all over Australia by on growers, food service providers, restaurants & quality seafood retailers.

Cameron's work hard to ensure that the quality you receive as a consumer is as pristine as the waters of Southern Tasmania in which they are cultivated.

The Golden Oyster

Developed by Cameron's of Tasmania over our 30+ years in the industry, we are proud to be the parent and thus sole Australian supplier of "The Golden Oyster" a highly developed Cameron's breed of gold shelled oyster. Available in mature stock only, this product provides a touch of class not available anywhere else.

Oyster Seed 4mm +

Our product is marketed based on our belief in quality, availability on demand and extremely competitive prices. At Cameron's our quality starts with our spat. We have four main spat sale sizes which are graded on a 4000, 5000, 6000 or 8000 micron mesh screen.

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Unlike other hatcheries, Cameron's vertically integrated nature (which includes both sub-tidal and inter-tidal on growing facilities) allows Cameron's to produce quality seed and personally witness its lifespan. As a result Cameron's has the raw data and practical experience to select and breed only the highest quality Oyster seed.

Cameron of Tasmania supplies a considerable percentage of Tasmanian and South Australian farms.

Quality Assurance

Quality of oysters and guarantee of food quality doesn't start at the processor. Cameron of Tasmania operated sea based leases are amongst the cleanest in Australia.

Our leases, situated in the South East of Tasmania are protected by forested country. There is no local agricultural activity that could cause effluent run off, rural and urban development is minimal.

There are no large rivers or potential point sources for pollution events. Our cultivation technology ensures that no materials that can leach or taint our product are used.

Our cultivation trays are constructed from polyethylene and we do not use treated timbers which ensures no contamination in our sub-tidal growing area.


The Cameron Family first ventured into the Oyster Industry in 1971 (over 30 Years ago) by purchasing their first oyster lease at Dunalley in the pristine water of Southern Tasmania.

After a few years of learning and acquiring the fine technique of oyster growing Cameron's soon saw the need to upgrade the existing growing systems and practices that were in place to improve efficiencies.

So work began on making Cameron's the only fully vertically integrated oyster producer in Australia.

By 1979 Cameron's had built and operated the first commercial oyster hatchery in the Southern Hemisphere and in 1980 the company commenced development of the first commercial production system in Australia for the growing of oysters in deep water.