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Business Summary
We guarantee you professional service at all times by being available to talk through your needs.
About Us

CAIRNS RENTALS  Property Managers team exceed our clients expectations.

           We have One Focus -Managing your property.

We give you a specialised residential property management service.

No confusing our priorities—we are 100% focussed on property management.
Property management is ALL we do, and that’s why we are the specialists.

Investment property  managed by Cairns Rentals delivers outstanding client care and a superior level of service in property management. From effective marketing and advertising strategies, securing and retaining quality tenants, and accurate preparation.
We focus 100% on managing properties and when you focus on one thing- you get really good at it and become specialists in the field.
Cairns Rentals has over 30 years combined experience in home building, project management, property management, maintenance and property detailing markets.

We know properties inside and out and what's involved in keeping your investment in tip top condition ensuring the protection of your long term investment. 

Working as residential property manager means operating in a highly specialised area.
We understand that a every  rental property investor have specific needs, and deserve the very best without the inconvenience of having to manage and attend to it, ensure it continues to grow in value, while providing steady year round return.  We offer  our expertise and personalised techniques of managing rental properties in Cairns.        

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional residential  property management service unmatched in the industry. We are dedicated to ensure you are achieving maximum return on your investment while keeping you up to date with current market trends. We make it our business to understand legislation meaning you have confidence and greater peace of mind that your asset is in the best hands.
You can rely on Cairns Rentals  expert knowledge to keep you informed of market changes and what effects they may have on your property.

Cairns Rentals Property Managers 

As a local Cairns residential  property management agency in Cairns , we are committed to offering you the best, most comprehensive service available. 
We conduct timely mid and end of month disbursements, you’ll receive an immediate electronic statement of accounts for that period. We can also manage all accounts associated with your property including insurance, council and water rates, body corporate levies and accounts for repairs and maintenance, helping your reconciliation at End of Financial Year. 
We tailor our services to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

Tenant Selection at Cairns Rentals 

Our refined property management procedures are tried and tested to ensure we find quality tenants. Our team understand that your goal is to find the best possible tenant in the quickest possible timeframe – minimising your vacancy while maximising your return on investment.

Prospective tenants are screened and selected with great care. We have thorough, discerning and highly effective systems in place to assess the suitability of all prospective tenants. We then make our recommendation to you the landlord, who has the final decision.

Our communication is guaranteed

We promise to get back to you within 4 hours. That’s our policy. Our precise procedures ensure your property will always be cared for.

Rent Arrears

Payment of rent is monitored daily.  The key to reducing rental arrears starts with our thorough tenant selection process. We are careful to explain our policy to new tenants and we do not tolerate late payment of rent.

With our careful tenant selection process, strict arrears control and proven systems, we minimise the chance of loss to the landlord.

Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs

We inspect and prepare a comprehensive, detailed entry condition report prior to tenants moving in. 
We take a proactive approach to property management, our regular routine inspections are an opportunity for us to identify current, preventative and future maintenance items.
You’ll receive a detailed report with photographs to ensure you are kept informed of the condition of your investment.

We employ only experienced and licensed tradespeople to conduct maintenance of your property at competitive prices. You may nominate your own tradesperson but we ask they be licensed, easily contacted and able to act promptly.

Upon vacate, we ensure the tenant leaves your property in the clean and tidy condition as when the tenancy commenced; taking fair wear and tear into consideration.  The bond will not be refunded until we are completely satisfied with the condition of the property.

Would you like to know more?

Changing managing agents is simple, fee-free and can be taken care of by our property management team on your behalf at any time.  Our hands on, personal and caring approach to owners and tenants is one of the unique points of difference that set Cairns Rentals  apart from our competitors.