About Us
About Us

Welcome to CMI Hino, Australia's longest serving Hino Dealer. Specialising in new and used light, medium and heavy duty trucks and buses, CMI Hino has been providing customers with the finest quality trucks, parts and service available since 1970.

Hino has a long standing reputation for building durable and reliable trucks and buses for the Australian climate. CMI Hino are proud distributors of the Hino product and service.


Hino imports both complete buses and bus chassis to Australia.

The Hino RB8 medium bus is supplied complete with body and chassis, and has an operating seating capacity of between 27 and 34 people.

Bodies are built for the large RN8J chassis by coachbuilders and can fit a range various applications required.

To comply with ADR 80/02 emission standards, Hino's latest range of buses are now equipped with Hino's Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, which significantly reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.

New Trucks

Hino has a long standing reputation for producing highly durable and reliable products. Utilising precision engineering, Hino trucks and buses are tested and perfected for tough Australian conditions and meet all functional and safety requirements.


CMI Hino service workshops have a reputation for honesty and quality service. In addition to providing the best for your Hino, our qualified and skilled technicians are able to service and repair all makes and models of trucks and buses.

To minimise downtime, your service or repair can be integrated into your work schedule during the week. Relax and wait in our comfortable driver's lounge while our qualified technicians service your vehicle.


CMI Hino offers our customers financing expertise through Hino Financial Services and CMI Hino Finance

At CMI Hino, our business development team will develop a strategy that is right for you and your business, as well as arrange affordable insurance and extended warranty options for your vehicle.

For more information about CMI Hino finance and insurance, simply enquire at your CMI Hino dealership or contact the CMI Hino Business Managers