About Us

Across the centuries, Europeans have known and used the therapeutic powers of minerals spas. Those suffering a variety of ailments, these magical waters are often considered miraculous.

Many Australians are unaware that we have natural mineral spas, the equal of any in Europe, right here at home, Moree is blessed with these health giving waters straight from the Great Artesian Basin.

For decades now hundreds of thousands of body-tired Aussies have made Moree their Mecca. These therapeutic waters refresh and revitalize exhausted limbs and muscles. With the body rested and toned, relaxation of the mind soon follows.

Stop awhile with us (at the Burke & Wills Motor Inn) and you do your body and mind a favour.

In between your luxurious soaks, why not explore Moree’s other attraction.

We boast the finest golf course in North Western NSW. With your body revitalized by an early morning dip, you will be well quipped to shave a stroke or two off you handicap. After your game, enjoy a luscious lunch at one of Moree’s finest eateries.