Business Summary
Offering Universal guidance and support of the metaphysical kind in a loving and supportive way.
About Us

Welcome !!! I am Rev Chris Stoddart-Hawke and I am a Metaphysical Reverend & Practitioner,.

I embrace my Higher-Self and manage my life according to my own higher spiritual understanding which has made a major difference in my life and the lives of countless clients.

I take a Divine Light-Centred approach to my life and practice. This means that the Creator of my understanding leads the session to bring you into a higher sense of understanding which will ultimately bring you success according to Divine Will & Order. Although card readings are seen as a more primitive form of spiritual practice I still do them as they are requested by my clients but I complete them from a Metaphysical perspective discussing a client’s numerology, the numbers in the cards, the card meaning, colour messages and of course psychic impressions.

I offer a range of services on my site from $55- through to $200- as outlined by the International Metaphysical Ministry. So there is something for everybody. However I offer a pensioner discount to those that are on Australian commonwealth government pensions. Just call me directly to discuss this if required.

I pay 10% of profits to the International Metaphysical Ministry furthering metaphysical and esoteric study for countless students worldwide and 10% is Donated to Life Line whom provide Crisis Support to hundreds and thousands of others.

What We Do
  • Metaphysical Counselling
  • Metaphysical Healing (Either in Person and Distant)
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Angel Intuitive Readings
  • Angel Numbers 
  • Phone Readings
  • Astrology Charts and Reports
  • Numerology Reports 
  • Reiki 
  • Distant Reiki
  • ThetaHealing
  • New Age Products
Payment Methods