About Us
About Us

Our team at Braces N Faces in both Geelong and Hoppers Crossing are dedicated to providing complete orthodontic care in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our team of Geelong orthodontists has a combined experience of 45 years.

Each Orthodontist and staff member regularly attends conferences in Australia and overseas, so that we are able to offer the latest in orthodontic technology, service and treatment methods. Our Geelong orthodontist team is committed to excellence in patient care and treatment results.



Our treatment and dental services include:

Patient Information

Are you happy with your smile?

Would you like to have straight teeth that last a lifetime?

If so, see the specialised Geelong orthodontic team of Dr. Buchholz and Dr. Scheiner. Visit us at one of our friendly Braces N Faces locations. Our outstanding Orthodontic Practice has been providing orthodontic treatment in Geelong and the Hoppers Crossing area for the past 18 years.

Ask our advice on how to achieve a beautiful life-long smile. As specialists we have the knowledge and experience to treat both children and adults with an array of appliances, metal dental braces or clear dental braces and, if the occasion arises, invisible braces.

Oral Hygiene

Our aim is to get your teeth straight as soon as we can so that your braces will not be on for longer than they need to, and have your teeth and gums in a healthy condition at the end of your treatment. If this is your aim too, we will all need to work together, to make it happen.

We will make sure we keep your teeth moving, by changing the modules and activating or changing the wires as required. You will need to help us by avoiding breakages, and by keeping your teeth and gums healthy.