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  • For 36 years I did this as a Pharmacist, dispensing the pills and portions of modern medicine - but realising as I talked with customers that each of us is an individual and each of us deserves a unique response to who we are.
  • So I undertook many years of additional study to enable me to be with and support each person I work in finding exactly the right solution for them - Solution Focused Hypnosis.
  • I have been fortunate to be trained by several persons famous in the hypnosis field. In Australia Jim Goulding and associates, and in America Gil Boyne and Jack Mason, plus a workshop with Ormond McGill on quantum hypnotherapy. One tends to be a professional learner to keep up with trends.
  • Having been trained in the principles of Philosophy of Life as well as hypnosis I have access to counseling information that is not available in general psychological practice which I consider most beneficial to clients.
  • In addition to my comprehensive understanding of body chemistry and functioning, I have a fellowship with the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science which includes studies in psychology, communication, sexology and regression and also a post graduate diploma from the International Academy of Nutrition.
  • I believe each one of us has an incredible unrealized potential to be much more than we currently allow ourselves to be. It is my privilege to help each person I work with achieving that potential.
  • My clients tell me I am really easy to talk to and get along with. From my experience, most of my clients want to attain peace of mind.
  • Of course, it is all confidential and people don't seem threatened by my approach.