BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies

Also known as
  • Colorbond Steel
  • Galvabond Steel

Bibra Lake

6 Wellard Street, Bibra Lake WA 6163

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Business Summary
Steel sheet metal specialist, excellent product quality & consistency, supplying the building, construction, automotive and manufacturing Industries.
About Us

BlueScope’s products play a major part in people’s everyday lives. Our steel is a vital component in suburban houses, landmark buildings and structures and popular makes of cars and trucks.

A deep understanding of customer needs, together with BlueScope’s technical and processing expertise, enables us to develop a differentiated, value-added product and service offer.

An example of this is our industry first Steel Efficiency Review. A service offer developed for our customers to look closely at your business operations, production and processing lines, to identify potential cost and time savings, remove bottlenecks, and make incremental changes which can translate into profit improvements. The review aims to help us better improve our product and service offer - customising our business to suit your business.

Our sole purpose is to deliver value to our customers by:

  • Helping to reduce supply chain risk;
  • Making sure the right product is delivered at the right time;
  • Reducing or eliminate the working capital requirements;
  • Providing easy and timely access to product information, technical data and any support needed;
  • Providing product and supply chain innovation - such as our Steel Efficiency Review® service offer.

We pride ourselves on making our customers successful.

We encourage close alliances with customers so that market trends, major projects, large manufacturing undertakings, programmed maintenance requirements and seasonal fluctuations can all be catered for to the benefit of the partnership. Our business is supported by the assurance of product supply, quality and certification from our parent company, BlueScope.

What We Do

By ensuring our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, we can guarantee their durability, resilience and sustainability.

Our range includes:

Why should we choose BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies?
Our ability to understand our customer's requirements, together with our technical and processing expertise, enables us to provide you with a value-added product and service offer you won't find anywhere else.