Blue Ocean Law Group

Adapt. Chart new markets.
Business Summary
Surf our visual Smart Lists: Purpose: Trusted advisors guiding your renewal of governance incl. Blue Ocean mindset. innovative Counsel aka iC - Chart new markets Why? to prosper long-term: A recent US study of 35,000 companies found 1 in 3 companies fail every 5 yrs, + average life expectancy is down from 55 yrs (1970) to less than 35 yrs today. How? - direct your board's attention to #Governance renewal beyond #BestPractice such as the following: Cohesion A clear + common #Purpose. Plan for #Succession Prudence Avoid severe risks. Focus on the long-term Adaptiveness Ensure #Culture is inquisitive, supports experimentation + #Inclusion of a #Diversity of perspectives Embeddedness Get the business socially embedded. Make it #Sustainable, #Transparent + #Connected - determine + create an ideal #WorkCulture (think #EnterpriseArtistry) + - identify, select + maximise #BlueOcean markets...
About Us

Our Blue Ocean firm wouldn’t bill by the hour and it wouldn’t incentivize the attorneys by encouraging long hours. Instead, it would bill based on the work completed, in a clear itemized manner. It would drop the partner / non-partner tracks and court attorneys who were interested in making a very good salary while practising their profession for 40+hours a week and having a life outside of the firm, rather than working young associates to death with the promise of potentially making ungodly amounts of money in the future.