Business Summary
Glass Scratch Removal, Glass Restoration, Permanent Protective Coatings for Glass, Tiles and Grout & Stainless Steel We remove glass scratches, graffiti, stains, hard water or any other damages on glass surface, polishing them out. We apply nanotechnology to protect new or old glass surfaces. Services offered include removal and repair of: Shopping Centres and Shopfront Windows Construction Site Glass Residential Windows Glass railings Mirrors Automotive Marine Glass Public Transport Glass
About Us

If you are thinking about replacing your glass windows due to haze, scratches, staining or etches glass, please call us first! We can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Using our technology, there is just no need to replace the glass or the whole window just because of a few annoying scratches! We can polish out all the scratches and scuffs, fully restoring your glass to give you a perfectly clear window, just like new. What’s more, we can coat the glass with a permanent protective coating, which not only helps to repel water and keep your glass looking cleaner for longer but also extends the life of your glass. Our protective coating makes the glass surface super easy to clean and can reduce cleaning time by 90%.