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Relax in a Luxury Bed and Breakfast in the Avon Valley
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In the heart of Western Australia, just one hour away from the city of Perth you will find the stunning and picturesque Avon Valley. The Valley consists of a backdrop of colorful patchwork fields and hills intertwined with winding streams and the Avon River the area is named after. It has become a popular trip and a peaceful getaway from the city life, and the Black Wattle Retreat really is the perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the peace of the country. Over the years, Avon Valley has created the perfect contrast between the old and the new, therefore offering a wide and rich heritage for you to explore. There are many places around Avon Valley to begin to gain the wealth of history and culture that surrounds the city of Perth. 

There are a couple of things to remember before travelling and beginning your vacation to the Avon Valley. If you’re looking for a variety of history and culture and are aiming to visit a number of different places, then guidebooks are really handy to have with you wherever you go. They will include extra information and facts that may not be included in the different tours and trips that you take part in, ensuring that you see and get the very best of the Avon Valley. It may also be useful to take a look at some prepaid travel card offers. If you’re travelling from outside Australia, travel cards are an extremely safe and convenient way to spend money on holiday on various recommended tours of Western Australia. They avoid withdrawal and payment fees with a credit card, and save you the hassle with exchange rates and changing your cash, making sure you can make the most of your cash while abroad.

Notable Achievements
2009 Western Australian Tourism Awards
2008 Western Australian Tourism Awards