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About Us

Bidgerdii Community Health Service is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled primary health care service, operating in the Rockhampton and Central Queensland region for more than fifteen years. The organisation is a bulk billing community controlled health service, managed by a Board of Directors who oversee and manage the strategic directions of the service.

The name 'Bidgerdii' means healing plant and the bark of the plant was used for tobacco, and the leaves are used for healing such as sores or rashes. The Bidgerdii logo of two crossed leaves was designed by Ms Lorraine Lawton.

About Us

Bidgerdii provide comprehensive primary health and well-being services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in the Rockhampton and surrounding regions. Bidgerdii advocate for, and involve, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community in primary health and well-being care.

Bidgerdii collaborate with health and well-being partner agencies to enable integrated continuity of care for the community, and continue to work to contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health policy and program reform in Queensland.


Bidgerdii Community Health Service is a community controlled health service. This community controlled model has been recognised as a 'gold standard' approach to delivering comprehensive primary health care. Leadership in governance and management is essential for the provision of high quality, primary health care and business performance.


Bidgerdii publish their newsletters bi monthly. Covering such things as news from the community, health tips, recipes, reminders and upcoming events . Click to download:

Bidgerdii Newsletter Edition 4

Bidgerdii A4 Newsletter Edition 3

Bidgerdii A4 Newsletter Edition 2

Bidgerdii A4 Newsletter Edition 1

Our Commitment

Bidgerdii Community Health Service is committed to continuous quality improvement to ensure that processes, support structures and practices meet the business needs.

There are currently five members on the Board of Directors for Bidgerdii Community Health Service.