About Us
About Us

BFB Scaffolding offers fast service and customer support as standard practice.

BFB Scaffolding was established in 1992 as a family owned and operated business based in Mackay which has flourished into a successful and steadily growing business with branches in Mackay and Rockhampton.

BFB Scaffolding's labour force is fully trained & qualified with backing from a hands on management team, which alone has in excess of 75 years collective experience. BFB aims to achieve the best possible outcome for all works undertaken to give total satisfaction to all client requirements.


Services BFB Scaffolding Provide:

  • Erection and Dismantle of Scaffold
  • Hire and sales of Materials (Kwikstage, Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds,Tube and Clip)
  • Transportation Services
  • Labour Hire of Scaffolders , Riggers & Dogman
  • Project Management

Scaffold Hire

Services BFB Scaffolding provide: *Erection and dismantle of scaffold, *Hire and sales of materials (kwikstage, aluminium mobile scaffolds,tube and clip), *Transportation services, *Labour hire of scaffolders , riggers & dogman, *Project management.

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in a position with BFB Scaffolding, please email a resume through the adjacent link. Please specify the tickets & certificates you have attained & the type of position you are interested in to fill.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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PO Box 9098

Slade Point, QLD 4740

Street Address11 David Muir Street, Slade Point QLD 4740

Phone 07 4955 4000

Mobile 0447 420 184

Fax 07 4955 4011

Email andrew@bfbscaffolding.com.au


PO Box 6538

Red Hill, North Rockhampton, QLD 4701

Street Address27 Hempenstall Street, North Rockhampton QLD 4701

Phone 07 4928 8575

Mobile 0411 745 341

Fax 07 4928 8535

Email brian@bfbscaffolding.com.au