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Also known as
  • Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
  • Adelaide & Bendigo Bank
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  • Adelaide Bank
Business Summary
Relevant. Valued. Connected. At Bendigo and Adelaide Bank we’re aiming to be Australia’s most customer connected bank.
About Us

The origins of our bank began more than 150 years ago in two great Australian communities, Bendigo in Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia. Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank each started out as building societies, driven to help Australians buy their own home.

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is now a top 60 ASX listed company, owned by more than 90,000 shareholders. We have more than 6,500 employees, who serve about 1.5 million customers in over 500 communities Australia-wide.

Our purpose

As a bank we are good with money. But it’s bigger than that. We are more interested in the good that money can do.

Our companies and partners

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank operates a number of brands which offer a diverse range of products and services for our personal and business customers. Our brands include:

We also have a number of joint venture partners:


As a Bendigo and Adelaide Bank shareholder you have access to a variety of benefits from the bank.

To access any of the benefits, simply present your proof of share ownership and photo identification at any Bendigo Bank branch.

Community Bank shareholders should contact the respective Community Bank Company Secretary or Community Bank Branch for assistance.

What We Do

Switch and be the change

You may not think who you bank with matters. But it does. For our customers, their banking is making a real difference.

Every day our customers help change lives, and save lives, simply by banking with us. Their home loans are building skate and sports parks, hospital wings and classrooms. Personal loans, business banking and credit cards are funding ambulances, rescue boats, disabled and aged care facilities.

Everyday banking is providing all this and more. In fact, $229 million has been returned to communities and initiatives Australia-wide.

You need a bank to give you the products and services you need. We need your banking to help us make a difference.

How is Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Share Registry managed?
Internally managed at our head office in Bendigo, the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Share Registry uses a computerised registry program provided by Computershare. The Share Registry can be contacted on free call 1800 646 042.
What does Broker Sponsored mean?
If your shares are Broker Sponsored, you will have completed an agreement with a specific broker and will be issued with a Holder Identification Number (HIN). Your Shareholder Number will be that HIN, prefixed with an ‘X’.
What does Issuer Sponsored mean?
This means your shareholding is maintained by the company whose shares you hold (or the issuer of your shares). Your Issuer Sponsored holdings have an ‘I’ at the start of your Shareholder Number (SRN - Security holder Reference Number) which is printed on your holding statement. Issuer Sponsored shares may be traded through any broker.
Can I use my Bendigo Debit MasterCard to make online purchases?
You can use your Bendigo Debit MasterCard to purchase from online retailers, both in Australia and overseas. In addition, you can also use your Bendigo Debit MasterCard to make mail or telephone order purchases.
Can I have an additional cardholder?
Yes, you can have an additional cardholder, who must be an Australian resident at least 16 years old.
What is the key difference between the Bendigo Debit MasterCard and the Bendigo Credit Card?
The Bendigo Debit MasterCard accesses your own funds in your everyday transaction account, whereas the Bendigo Credit Card accesses a revolving line of credit.
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