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Bendcraft Products, are specialist suppliers of rolled, curved and mandrel bent metal componentry for a diverse range of applications. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to accurately bend or curve almost any kind of metal from mild steel to exotic alloys.

Bendcraft products is a wholly Australian owned and operated family business with a clear focus in personalised customer service, precision products and innovative problem solving.

We invite you to take a minute of your time to view our website, which provides a sample cross-section of the specialised bending work we do, along with helpful tips for bending design and specifications.

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Mandrel Bending

Bendcraft provide smooth distortion-free bends by using the latest in fully automatic three axis controlled mandrel bending machinery. This 'top-shelf' equipment allows us to bend your componentry to the highest available levels of accuracy and repeatability whether it's a single bend on one plane or several bends on multiple planes.

A unique advantage of this technology is that bending of thin wall material, even with tight radii, is achieved without any flattening or collapse of the section. The result is quality full-profile bends time after time!

Rolling & Curving

Bendcraft specialise in rolling and curving standard metal profiles as well as more complex extruded shapes for an endless range of applications.

Standard structural products such as pipe, angle, flat, channel solids, UBs, UCs and RSJs can be rolled into simple circular shapes or into complex curves, spirals or other geometric shapes for domestic, commercial, industrial and architectural purposes.

Whether your need is for a one-off prototype or a large production run of componentry, we have the equipment and resources to efficiently meet your requirements.

We can roll many different materials to your specifications including mild steel, stainless steels, chrome-moly steels, copper, brass, aluminium, nickel, titanium and alloys such as Monel, Inconnel and Hastalloy.

Coils & Spirals

Bendcraft manufacture and supply coils and spirals for a diverse range of applications from light domestic to heavy industrial. Specifications of varying diameter and pitch can be accommodated as are a range of material types.

The coiling and spiralling process is ideal for components required for the heat transfer of liquids, playground equipment and spiral staircases.

Continuous coil for heat exchanges and boilers can be supplied in sections or welded so the complete coil is supplied in one piece.

Fabrication & FinishingA few of the numerous applications for notching & linishing.