Bedwells Feedbarn

“YEP! Got Chooks!”
Poultry Stockfeed & produce Saddlery Merchant
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Bedwell’s Feed Barn has been serving the Bathurst community for nearly 30 years. It occupies the old Flour Mill on Keppel Street and still uses the original machinery to produce many varieties of its own stock feed.


Natural Renewal:

StemEquine supports there lease of adult stem cells from your horse's bone marrow. Adult stem cells play a key role in the natural renewal process. Their primary role is to maintain and repair tissue. Scientific studies have shown that increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells in the body is an important aspect maintaining optimal health.

Solar Snake Repellers & Deterrent:

  • Effective against all snake species
  • 100% Safe to use around children, pets, birds and livestock
  • No Poison, no chemical, environmentally friendly
  • One unit covers approx 700sqm (30m diameter) Day and Night
  • Portable - Take it camping, picnics, holiday house etc
  • Long lasting battery (replaceable) charged by its solar panel