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What can you put into the Recycling Wheelie Bins?
Glass bottles & Jars only. Newspaper, Office Paper, Magazines and Junk Mail. Cardboard. Milk & Juice cartons. Plastic Bottles only. Steel & Aluminium Cans only.
What you can't put into the Recycling Wheelie Bins?
No plastic bags, Ice cream, margarine, yoghurt, takeaway containers or other plastic items. No household food scraps and wrappings. No appliances. No batteries or other metal objects. No rubber or leather items of any kind. No garden waste, timber or building material. No clothing. No oil, acid or chemicals. No crockery, pottery, porcelain, or plate glass.
Disposal of Asbestos
Disposal Site: Redhill Tip, 1094 Toodyay Road, Redhill, Phone: (08) 9574 6235. Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 4:00pm, Saturday: 8:00am - 4:00pm, Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm. The asbestos must be wrapped in thick plastic and taped. Customers to phone Redhill before delivery. NB. Bins can be hired especially for asbestos. Look in yellow pages under rubbish.
What street trees are available?
The City of Bayswater is responsible for the planting and maintenance of street trees throughout the City. The planting of trees in streets is carried out by the City's Parks and Gardens Staff. Individuals or groups are not permitted to plant trees in the street, however, for special projects permission may be obtained from Council. Street trees are chosen carefully for their aesthetic value and the value they provide to the natural canopy and ecosystem of the City.
What is the State Government Landfill Levy?
The State Government landfill levy was implemented in 1998 to set up strategies to reduce the amount of landfill generated by each household. Council has to pay the State Government landfill fees of $ 3.00 per tonne of rubbish taken to the tip. It has been proven that on average each household generates approximately 1.1 tonne of landfill waste each year.
Why is my valuation different to last year?
Every three years for rating purposes the gross rental value of each property in the metropolitan area is reassessed by the Valuer General's Office. This is in order to maintain the gross rental value with actual rental costs as determined by the property market.
Do I get reminder notices with the Instalment option?
Yes, an Instalment Reminder Notice will be sent to them approximately 1 month before the payment is due.