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ACP Magazines sells more than 90 million magazines a year which includes some of Australia's best-loved mastheads, such as the number-one monthly magazine in the country, The Australian Women's Weekly, and the number-one weekly magazine, Woman's Day. In fact, 3 ACP Magazines titles are sold every second.


ACP Magazines leads the industry in knowing what matters the most to magazine buyers and invests heavily in market and consumer information, as well as audience research.

Magazine Titles

  • Major Women's
  • Women's Lifestyle
  • Fashion, Beauty & Home
  • Health
  • Lifestyle Home/Garden
  • Food, Wine & Travel
  • Music & Media
  • Men's Lifestyle
  • Men's Interest
  • Motoring
  • Sports
  • Airline
  • Technology
  • Subscription TV
  • Kids
  • Youth

  • Trader Group
  • Parents
  • Business
  • Custom Media


ACP Production Services is the production department of ACP Magazines and our responsibilities include:

  • print and paper purchasing;
  • setting and maintenance of production schedules;
  • quality management for all ACP magazines and publications.

This encompasses the coordination of editorial and advertising pages, third party work such as inserts and the negotiation of schedules with outside suppliers. Production Controllers are directly responsible for the print production management of the magazine and work closely with pre press, editorial, advertising managers and suppliers to see the magazine through to final production.

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