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Battery World has over 100 stores Australia wide providing convenient locations for Australians everywhere to obtain all of their battery related needs. At the heart of it all are our Batteryologists. The people who pride themselves on having the knowledge and expertise to provide solutions to even the trickiest battery related problems.
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Battery World continues to lead sales in the automotive battery market but our turnover in other batteries, especially those used in mobile devices and appliances, has sky-rocketed in the last five years. More than 60% of our customers require batteries for non-automotive applications such as camping, boating, household even small watch batteries.

Since 1997 Battery World has expanded to be the largest and most comprehensive Australian battery retail franchise stocking advanced technology products and more than 8000 batteries for smaller more portable devices.

Since Battery World started, it has gone through many changes as demand grew and expanded. Battery World now has over 110 stores that offer over 8,000 batteries and accessories providing one convenient place for Australian consumers to obtain all their needs for batteries and related products.

Our Battery Experts, the Batteryologists pride themselves on their Battery knowledge and ability to provide solutions to tricky battery problems. At Battery World we can save you time and sometimes heartache so speak to one of our Experts today to learn more.

Interested in becoming a Battery Expert yourself? Click here to find out more about our Franchise Opportunities.

Why choose Battery World?
Join the leading battery retailer in Australia and one of Australia's top 10 franchises! Battery World is embarking on a new era of rapid expansion and provides franchisees the chance to be your own boss but have the security of a national market leader, with 19 years of stable growth behind it.
Did you know that marine batteries differ in design to car batteries?
Due to the increased amounts of vibration from trailer transportation, engine harmonics and wave pounding the marine batteries are constructed with premium materials to provide superior life.
Did you know if you store your motorcycle battery in a cool place when not in use can increase the service life?
Temperature places a key role in battery storage life. On average a battery stored a 25’C will require recharging every 3-6 months. At 10’C the same battery would only require charging every 12 months.
You know you can replace the battery in your mobile phone, but did you know that you can replace the battery in your cordless phone?
New or old phone, we can supply all of your batteries for your phones and even fit them for you to ensure you are getting the right battery for your phone.
Did you know charging your lithium rechargeable phone/camera battery after use will prolong battery life?
There’s no need to drain a lithium ion battery until its flat. In fact, letting the battery go flat will shorten the life and it may even go ‘to sleep’ if it goes under voltage. Topping up a lithium ion battery after use will not harm it and because of the safety circuit inside the battery won’t overcharge if you forget to turn off the charger.
Do you know how to get the most out of your computer or laptop battery?
Once a month fully drain and charge the laptop battery. This keeps the battery capacity gauge properly calibrated and ensures that the battery can hold its maximum charge.
Did you know when your truck or tractor is left idling for long periods of time your battery could be going flat?
Vehicle charging systems when in idling usually do not have enough capacity to run the vehicle loads and charge the battery. If you find your batteries are regularly going flat invest in a battery charge level indicator that will help you quickly identify the state of charge of your batteries.
Did you know hearing aid batteries are activated by air?
Removing the adhesive label from the back of a hearing aid battery combines the air with the internal ingredients in the battery therefore activating it. For optimum performance it’s a good idea to give the battery 5 minutes to breath to ensure this activation is complete.
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2013 National Operational Excellence Award
2013 Won an Alcoa Award for Service Excellence
2015 Alcoa Peel Business Excellence Awards
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