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About Us
About Us

Our vision is for the majority of Australians to achieve optimal musculoskeletal health; whether it's with curative or injury prevention care. Baroona Road Physiotherapists are well known for being successful with curative care. They are also leading educators in the health and fitness industries with thousands of participants attending our courses and workshops every year.

If you don't live near Brisbane, don't worry as we perform remote consultations with Skype (with or with video) or by phone. During these consultations we can offer you extra assistance to support and enhance your present practitioner's efforts, offer second opinions or education on musculoskeletal conditions. Book in for your remote consultation.

Performance Enhancement

Performing well in everyday life, at work or in sport relies on each of these factors.

When one of these factors is less than optimal your performance suffers and the chance of building up tension and suffering pain increases.

For your work life; learning these factors increase efficiency, productivity & minimises tension, aches & pain.

For your sporting life; learning these factors makes you more powerful, faster & more efficient while decreasing the chance of pain.

For your home life; learning these factors enhances your quality of life allowing you to more easily perform home & outdoor tasks with minimal pain

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