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A Barker education is shaped by our focus on preparing for a life beyond the School gates.

We live in exciting times. Now, more than ever, we need individuals and organisations that are equipped and prepared to embrace the challenge of the future. Through the Christian story we instil in our students the capacity, insight and knowledge they need to inspire real change. By exposing our students to diverse opportunities and experiences, they're able to develop resilience and adaptability within a supportive environment.

Every Barker student is different. What they all have in common is a confidence to embrace the challenge of the future and a capacity to make their own positive impact on the world.

Mission: An Anglican community inspiring every learner every experience every day.

Vision: To be a leader in Christian education that is characterised by a global vision that inspires hope.

Values: Commitment, Compassion,  Courage, Integrity, Respect

What We Do
What Entry Years are confirmed places offered for?
Places are offered by Date of Application immediately after applications are received for students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 7 Entry. For entry in Year 10 students remain on a waitlist and are not able to confirm their place in advance.
Do I have to confirm my child's place?
No, you may choose to have your child's name remain on the waitlist for their grade of entry year. Children on the waitlist, based on their application, may be invited to interview for the remaining places in the year of entry. Places will be offered following interview. With the length of potential waitlists, clearly it is an advantage to confirm your child's place to have the security of their entry to Barker.
When do I need to confirm my child's place?
You can take up the offer of a confirmed place at any time prior to the enrolment process commencing for that year group and subject to places being available in their year of entry.
How do I hold my place?
Please contact the Barker Enrolments Office and they will advise if a place is available in the year of entry you require. To hold the place once offered, a Confirmation Fee is payable within 14 days of the offer being made. The non-refundable Confirmation Fee ($2250 from 2018) is 50% of the current Barker College Admission Fee, the balance of which is then payable prior to the child's entry to the School.
How do I pay for my place?
This fee can be paid by cheque, credit card or BPAY and details for payment are available with the Confirmation of Place contract that is sent on application.
Is my confirmed place transferable to another year of entry?
No. A confirmed place secures your child a position in the year of your choice on application and is not able to be transferred.
Is my confirmed place refundable?
No, your confirmed place fee is not refundable.
What age does my child need to be to start at Barker?
A student commencing at Barker is expected to be turning the appropriate age for that school grade by 31 March of that year - e.g. a student entering Kindergarten, is expected to be turning 5 by 31 March in the year in which they enter Kindergarten.
What happens after I confirm my place?
If a place is available in the entry year your child has applied for, Barker will send you a Confirmation Contract for payment. Once that payment is received you will receive a letter of confirmation and receipt.