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Banyule is the active resident’s dream place to live, with many excellent community leisure facilities.
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The 21 suburbs of Banyule City lay on 63 square kilometres between 7 and 21 kilometres north-east of central Melbourne. The Yarra River runs along the City’s south border while the west is defined by Darebin Creek.

Banyule has plenty of open spaces and parklands, especially along the Yarra and Plenty River valleys. There are 617 hectares of open space owned by the City, as well as substantial areas of parkland managed by Parks Victoria. These provide a wealth of recreational, environmental and tourism opportunities for the region.

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Who is responsible for stormwater drainage and management of severe storm impacts in Banyule?
Melbourne Water is the Catchment Management Authority for Greater Melbourne. Melbourne Water has responsibility for the parts of the drainage system which have large catchment areas (Greater than 60 hectares.). The remaining catchments including the majority of the drains, pits and pipes within Banyule are managed by us.
Is there already a Special Building Overlay in the Banyule Planning Scheme?
Yes, this Special Building Overlay was introduced into the planning scheme by Melbourne Water and covers overland stormwater flow paths associated with Melbourne Water drains.
Why is Council proposing its own stormwater management Special Building Overlay?
The Special Building Overlay relates to stormwater management in areas of the drainage network that we are responsible for. The Melbourne Water Special Building Overlay does not extend into parts of the system which we manage.
Which planning officer is dealing with my planning application and what is my application number?
Shortly after we receive your application for a planning permit, your application will be acknowledged by mail stating the relevant planning officer, their contact details and application reference number.
Why do I need a Planning Permit?
Many things that we plan to do can affect other people so we need some process to ensure that decisions we make about land use and development are fair, orderly, economic and sustainable. Consideration of Planning Permit applications gives the local Council the opportunity to assess the suitability and appropriateness of future development and land use.
Do I need a Planning Permit to remove a tree on my property?
We have many controls regarding the retention of vegetation. It is necessary for people enquiring about this issue to contact us with information on the type, location and health of the vegetation in question. This will assist officers determine whether a planning permit is required for tree removal or trimming.