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13-15 Asling Street, Brighton VIC 3186

About Us
About Us

Bambini embraces the image of the child as a capable, confident, creative and active learner.

Our boutique early learning centres are privately owned and managed. Our directors have extensive early childcare experience spanning over 25 years in the field.

Our centres are architecturally designed and landscaped. Our room interiors and landscaped gardens have been designed to enchant and enrich your child's imagination, creativity and sense of wonder.

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Our Philosophy

Early childhood is "...a period of momentous significance for all people growing up in (our) culture. By the time this period is over, children will have formed conceptions of themselves as social beings, as thinkers, as language users, and they will have reached certain important decisions about their own abilities and their own worth."

(Donaldson M, Grieve R and Pratt C, 1983)

The philosophy of Bambini Early Learning centre is based upon the Reggio Emilia approach from the children's centres of Reggio Emilia, Italy, Steiner Education and Te Whariki curriculum of New Zealand. The philosophy embraces the image of the child as; a capable, confident, creative and active learner.

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Our Curriculum

Inspiration from Reggio Emilia

"...we oppose any prophetic pedagogy which knows everything before it happens, which teaches children that every day is the same, that there are no surprises, and teaches adults that all they have to do is repeat that which they were not able to learn."

Loris Malaguzzi

At Bambini Early Learning Centres we believe that children and teachers work best when in collaboration together, co-constructing and investigating ideas and interests in depth, through project based learning.

Children will learn the joy of discovery and enquiry in a reciprocal exchange with the teachers.

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The Early Years Learning Frameworks for Australia: Belonging, Being & Becoming & Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, for children from birth to eight years.

At Bambini we have embraced the new frameworks and incorporated the learning outcomes into our daily programming and curriculums.

The aim of the document Belonging, Being and Becoming is to extend and enrich children's learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school. It also forms the foundation for ensuring that children in all early childhood education and care settings experience quality teaching and learning.


What happens once I pay the $90 family wait list fee? Should I call to check where I am on the wait list?

Once you have paid your $90 family wait list fee you will receive a confirmation email. Each term we will email you an update of the centre and information about our wait list. You are always welcome to call our waitlist enquiry line 1300 945 745 regarding your child on our wait list.

Do you have a funded four year old kindergarten program at your centres with a qualified Kindergarten Teacher?

Yes, at our Bambini Early Learning Centres we have a funded four year old kindergarten program and employ a kindergarten teacher who holds a Bachelor of Education. Our Kindergarten programs are the same as a council run kindergartens and private schools.

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