Business Summary
Two people who have been working in Building & Construction started AXS Labour Hire. They worked in the industry, for years where they came to understand how this business works in a better way from the other side of the table. We have a good relationship with our workers and we know each one of them closely. AXS Labour Hire has been continuously growing and now is working with reputed companies who have put their trust in our services to achieve their goals. The strength of our construction labour hire lies in the fact that we know every labourer that works for AXS Labour Hire personally and that is why we always send people to work that we know. This makes a lot of difference when it comes to work, because each of our labour has a commitment to the company and to the client.
About Us

AXS Labour hire was founded by a labour and a Licensed Builder, who also is owns a construction and development firm. We really understand the requirements of our clients and their expectation of a labour work when it comes to Construction & Developments.

We are aware of the increase in expenses related to hire a labourer from Labour Hire Services and that’s why we are working hard to have the best prices in the industry.

Our aim is to become your working partner with every build, renovations, extensions and ultimately overall development of the Project at every particular stage. We are well aware of the fact that it can be a nightmare to follow the budget and try to finish every stage of the project within the timeline, more-efficiently.

All of our labourers are subjected to a strict training and scrutiny where we explain with tests how to use the power tools following a Safe Work Method, hence creating an efficient and safe work environment.

We are constantly carrying out training sessions with our labour force in order to meet the expectations of our customers and in accordance to the Industry Standards.

This labour agency specialises in providing labour hire in the Sydney Metro area.