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The Australian Workers’ Union is the nation’s oldest and largest blue-collar trade union representing over 100,000 working men and women and their families.
About Us

AWU Queensland

On Behalf of the Australian Workers' Union of Employees, Queensland I would like to welcome you to our website.

The AWU Queensland has a proud and long history. We've been there during some of the greatest and also some of the hardest times in the history of our great state.

For more than 120 years, the AWU has been standing strong and smart with our members in a diverse range of industries and work sites from one end of Queensland to the other. Some of the industries that we cover include health, retail, hospitality, construction, sugar, mining, shearing and horse racing.


Union Shopper
What is Union Shopper?
Challenge Us to Find You a Better Price!!

Union Shopper is a discount shopping service established by unions over 30 years ago to provide our associated members with discounts and savings on a wide range of products and services.

Union Shopper is 100% union-owned and uses its collective bargaining power to provide members with significant benefits. Depending on your purchase, you could save hundreds of dollars every year.



Queensland is a big and proud State, which brings together some of the best of what Australia has to offer: natural beauty; heritage; and opportunity. The AWU Queensland is equally big, proud and ready for the future.

At any one time our members, workplace reps, campaign staff and officials are involved in campaigns from one end of our State to the next. Our campaigns cover a wide range of issues, industries and employers.


Asbestos Register

The AWU is campaigning for the 'prioritised Removal' of All Asbestos-containing Materials from Australia by 2030.

The AWU calls on the government to:

  • Establish a National Asbestos Register for all Australians ill from, or exposed to asbestos.
  • Create a National Asbestos Taskforce to manage the prioritised recall of all asbestos containing materials in all its forms.
  • Establish a National Register or all buildings and structures containing asbestos.
  • Establish a National body with a regulatory mandate to map priority areas for asbestos product removal.
AWU Workplace Reps

The Strength and Successes of the AWU Queensland Comes from a Strong Foundation of a Large and Active Membership Base.

Our Workplace Reps are absolutely vital to the success of our campaigns, the future of the Union, and our ability to achieve better outcomes for our members.

AWU Workplace Reps are ordinary Union members who have decided to help their work mates and to play an active role in the future of our union.

The Union provides training, resources and support for our Reps. We have established a password protected web site just for our Workplace Reps.