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About Us

Take a look at the broad list below. If you work in one of these sectors it is very likely that you are eligible join the ASU Tasmania Branch - in fact we cover employees from the cradle to the grave (i.e. childcare workers to cemetery workers).

  • Airlines, Travel
  • Transport
  • Call Centres
  • Hydro and Transend


Thank you for taking the first step in working to make your workplace a better place. The ASU includes people like you who want to defend and improve their working conditions. You are among people who want to maintain a decent standard of living for themselves, their families and their community.

The key to this aspiration is that we do better when we work together. Together we can improve your work place, our industry and our community.


ASU TASMANIA has a dedicated team of experienced and expert staff (with over 100 years industrial experience) from a variety of backgrounds to assist members with any issues that may arise at their workplace. Encouraging members to participate and supporting them with advice, training and representation at all levels is our priority.


Over 60% of ASU members are women who have an enormous contribution to make to the ASU. ASU women are especially encouraged to become actively involved in the activities of the Union and to play a role in the Union's decision- making processes. For further details contact: help@asutas.org

Why Join

For your own security and that of those nearest and dearest who depend on your income!

Joining the ASU means that you join with other people to ensure you have a voice in the workplace and industry to protect and improve rights by collectively acting as one.

Any organisation is only as strong as its members.

Statistics prove that 15% increase in pay and greater regularity in pay increases is a benefit union members enjoy over non union members in some areas.