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Business Summary
The Australian Productivity Council is the descendant of the Productivity Groups Movement, a voluntary association of business members formed in the middle of the last century to improve productive efficiency in areas of mutual interest.
About Us

1. Foundations

Members assisted each other by engaging in joint problem-solving activities, sharing their knowledge, experience & improvement ideas to address chosen tasks. The Productivity Groups operated throughout Australia, conducted regular meetings, visited members’ facilities for study purposes & organised regular educational & training programs for managers, supervisors & operators.

2. Post War Australia

In the 1950s, manufacturing was about five times larger as a share of the Australian economy than it is now, although it depended on protectionist policies to compensate for high labour costs, technical and scale deficiencies and to handicap vigorous competition from American, European and emergent Japanese firms.

3. The PPCA Years

The agency established for this task was the Productivity Promotion Council of Australia (PPCA). It was incorporated in September 1969 as a not-for-profit company to be jointly funded by Commonwealth government grants, corporate membership fees and revenues raised from training and consultancy activities.