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ANMF (Tas Branch) is for Tasmanian nurses, midwives and carers. We are also home of HERC - the training division of ANMF (Tas Branch)
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A Short History of the ANMF (Tasmanian Branch)

Australasian Trained Nurses' Association (ATNA) Tasmanian Branch

The Australasian Trained Nurses' Association was first established in Sydney in 1899 as a professional association. Branches were formed in other States: Tasmania joined in 1908 with a membership of about 50, which also included some doctors.

Australian Nursing Federation (ANF)

In 1924, the Australian Nursing Federation was formed as an unincorporated association comprising the ATNA, its State branches and the Royal Victorian Trained Nurses' Association (RVTNA). This National Nursing Organisation of ATNA branches and ANF operated until the 1950s.

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INSIG Tasmania

Networking and Professional Development Opportunities for Nurse Immunisers in Tasmania

INSIG Tasmania is a Special Interest Group facilitated by ANMF (Tasmanian Branch) with membership open to all nurses who are involved with immunisation. INSIG Tas was formed in 2008 and membership is continuing to grow.

The aim of INSIG Tasmania is to provide a forum, which facilitates communication and discussion and encourages professional development for Authorised Nurse Immunisers

INSIG Tasmania holds a number of study days every year with presentations from members and guest speakers.

INSIG Tasmania publishes a member newsletter twice yearly to collate information of interest to nurse immunisers, and welcomes members' submissions.

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  • Member Information Centre
  • Education and Training
  • Professional Development Plans
  • Aged Care
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Firstly, please visit our website at to login. Your username is your membership number; your password is your surname with a capital for the first letter. Eg: Username: 11111 Password: Smith.
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If you are in Hobart, please feel free to drop into our ANMF office at 182 Macquarie Street to purchase your tickets. If you reside in the North, you can purchase discounted movie tickets by calling our Hobart reception on 03 6223 6777, and making a payment over the phone. Tickets will then be posted that evening. Please allow 2-3 Business days for delivery.
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To change the account or card your fees come out of please visit the "For Members" section on our website at This will allow you to update your member details. If you prefer to change details over the phone with our friendly staff member please call 03 6223 6777.
How can I view upcoming CPD and Education sessions?
Upcoming education sessions can be viewed online by going to the ANMF Tasmania website at Sessions are also published in our ANMF Infusion magazine that goes out monthly to our members.
Where do I find the pay rates for private/public sector?
Please visit our website at, login with your membership number and password, and go to the "For Members" section to find information about pay rates.
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Please visit our website at and go to the "Join Us" section where you will can join the ANMF and also find the benefits of joining the ANMF.
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