Australian Gas Networks

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Business Summary
AGN is one of Australia's largest natural gas distribution companies. We generate revenue by charging retailers to transport natural gas through our networks.
About Us

We are one of Australia's largest distribution companies, serving over 1.2 million consumers in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory.

Our goal is to be the leading natural gas distributor in Australia. To achieve this, we are constantly expanding our networks and taking action to ensure our customers have a sustainable and secure supply of natural gas. We're also listening to our stakeholders and we're focused on making a positive impact in the communities where our networks operate.

Why should I use natural gas?
There are many benefits to using natural gas. It's a natural source of fuel, has lower carbon emissions than other fossil fuels and it's even cheaper to run.
Can I convert my existing LPG appliances?
Most LPG (liquified petroleum gas) appliances can be converted to run on natural gas. A licenced gas fitter can give you advice on your existing appliances. Please note that flueless heaters are not allowed to be converted to natural gas in Victoria.
Does a natural gas main pass by my home or business?
You can find out whether a natural gas main passes by your property here or call our Natural Gas Connection Line on 1300 001 001.
How much does it cost to connect to natural gas?
Connection costs vary and some can even be free. Costs depend on several factors, including: how close the natural gas main is to the property and where the gas meter is going to be located
How would natural gas be connected to my home or business?
A natural gas connection involves running an inlet pipe from the gas main in your street to a meter located on your property. An outlet pipe then runs from the meter into your home to connect your appliances to natural gas.
Where can the gas meter be located on my property?
Usually, gas meters are installed in a convenient location at the front boundary of your property to ensure that it can be easily accessed for meter reading purposes. However, the meter location is specific to each property and will be dependent on a number of site factors; for commercial properties, the gas meter location may also be subject to other technical and safety requirements.