About Us
About Us

Affordable Excellence. Direct Cremations, Funerals and Funeral Plans

A small, hard-working Funeral Home. Established in 1999, we pride ourselves with our compassion and knowledge of all aspects of funeral care.

Australian Direct Cremations is the name synonymous with 'affordable excellence' in funeral care.

Our services cover All Sydney areas, The South Coast, Central Coast, Newcastle and Port Stephens to Port Macquarie.

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What To Do First?

Australian Direct Cremations endeavours to make funerals as simple and worry free as possible.

We listen to you as a family, some families know exactly what they need when organising a funeral while others rely solely on our advice.

Your decision to call Australian Direct Cremations to help organise your funeral is very important to us.

We are available for you 24 hours/7 days.

At Home

This can be as a result of a long illness or very sudden. If the passing is sudden an Ambulance should be called, they will assist by helping you contact the local Doctor if they are not available to issue a certificate the police may need to be contacted.

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Cremation Services

Australian Direct Cremations also offer traditional funeral services and variations to suit individual needs. A direct cremation funeral is not the choice for every family. Every family is unique, therefore needs for a Funeral Service differ from family to family. There is no right and wrong when arranging a funeral. Arrangements should be to suit you and your family not the Funeral Director.

Other Services

For Prepaid Funerals and Prearranged Funerals please contact us for details.

Australian Direct Cremations as well as traditional funerals can offer Burials, International repatriations and Prepaid Funerals.

Whatever your funeral choices and needs are we are able to assist you.

Please feel free to call and discuss any questions with one of our highly trained and friendly staff. We will endeavour to answer your queries, promptly with no pressure, that's our promise.

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