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What paintbrush do I use where?
Choosing the right paintbrush is critical. The right brush is obviously a quality paintbrush, which will give you precision and control, and help you obtain that quality, successful paint finish. The “Monarch” range of paint brushes are available in different shapes and sizes to provide a specific paint brush for every paint project and allow you to “paint like a pro!”
What roller do I use where?
There are a variety of rollers available to help you paint all the different surfaces of your home. It is very important to not only choose a quality roller, but to also choose the right quality roller for the right surface you are painting. Each roller has a different thickness of fabric or “nap”, specifically designed for different surfaces around the home. The higher the nap or length of fabric, the more paint a roller will hold.
Notable Achievements
2015 ABC was awarded a Good Design Selection Award
Master Painters Association of Victoria and Tasmania