Australian Brushware Corporation Pty Ltd

Also known as
  • Monarch
  • Monarch Painting
  • Monarch Paint Brushes
Business Summary
Leading Wholesaler & Distributor of Quality Paint Brushes & Painting Accessories
About Us

The Australian Brushware Corporation (ABC) is a leading wholesaler and distributor of quality paint brushes, and paint accessories in Australia. We supply to major paint specialists and hardware stores.

Our brand Monarch is renowned for its handcrafted paintbrushes and continues to drive the evolution and development of the Australian paint accessory market. Whether you are a professional trade painter or DIYer, Monarch will have the right painting tool for your next painting project.

Our brush products have helped to genuinely revolutionise the move from natural bristle to a combination of more environmentally sustainable blends, through to synthetic, high-performance brushes.

Under our premium brands (Monarch, Monarch Advance and Monarch Mini) we are able to offer our consumers a one-stop shop for all their painting accessory needs.

Our comprehensive customer service and sales team, with warehouses throughout Australasia, allows us to deliver industry-leading customer service and support to our customers.

ABC is the exclusive distributor of SHUR-LINE painting equipment in Australia and our sister companies distribute our product range to major retailers in New Zealand, UK and Ireland including SHUR-LINE painting equipment.

What We Do
A Wide Range of Products Available from Across Our Large Distribution Network
  • Brushes
  • Roller Kits
  • Trays, Buckets & Paint Pots
  • Roller Covers & Frames
  • Sanding Tools
  • Mixers, Caulking Guns & Extensions Poles
  • Paint Applicators
  • Scrapers
  • Accessories & Sales Support
What paintbrush do I use where?
Choosing the right paintbrush is critical. The right brush is obviously a quality paintbrush, which will give you precision and control, and help you obtain that quality, successful paint finish. The “Monarch” range of paint brushes are available in different shapes and sizes to provide a specific paint brush for every paint project and allow you to “paint like a pro!”
What roller do I use where?
There are a variety of rollers available to help you paint all the different surfaces of your home. It is very important to not only choose a quality roller, but to also choose the right quality roller for the right surface you are painting. Each roller has a different thickness of fabric or “nap”, specifically designed for different surfaces around the home. The higher the nap or length of fabric, the more paint a roller will hold.