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Shop 7/Garema Court 148-180 City Walk, Canberra ACT 2601

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As a family owned and operated local business, we pride ourselves in providing personalised service and the finest product.
About Us

Change the way you look at the world, and way the world looks at you.

About Optometry

Your Arcidiacona optometrist can treat you for a wide range of vision problems and conditions. These include both common minor eye disorders, such as long and short-sightedness, as well as less-common problems such as the various eye diseases.

Frames, Lenses & Contact Lenses

Glasses, which include both frames and lenses, are unique in that they are a fashion item, as well as a corrective device. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, approximately 50 per cent of the Australian population wear glasses (or "spectacles"), and almost everyone will need glasses at some time during their life.

Vision Therapy

Many important skills are needed in order for your visual system to work efficiently. Sometimes these skills don't develop the way they should. This happens for a variety of reasons, some of which are unknown.