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Business Summary
To make our vision come to life.
About Us

Ansell is a global leader in protection solutions. Ansell designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of hand and arm protection solutions, clothing and condoms. Industrial workers, healthcare professionals and patients, and consumers around the world invariably associate Ansell with premium quality, optimal protection and superior comfort.

Ansell's vision is to create a world where people and products enjoy optimal protection against the risks to which they are exposed. People, be it at work or during their leisure time, require the right protection solution for the right application. After all, what better guarantee is there for increased safety, security and productivity than through adequate protection. During the manufacturing process, products need to be handled guaranteeing their optimal protection, so they meet or exceed the quality requirements described in manufacturing processes.

To make our vision come true, we have developed an approach that relies on three main pillars: Technological leadership, Ongoing dialogue, Strong global presence.

Areas of expertise around which Ansell is organized are four Global Business Units. Each GBU serves unique and different markets, but what connects all four is: the focus on protection, comfort and quality, combined with a never-ending quest for innovation.

How do I get started with the recycling program?
To join the program, simply contact your distributor or Ansell sales person. When you receive your order, place the collection containers in locations at your facility where disposable gloves are used or discarded.
What happens to the gloves that are collected?
The used gloves are sorted by material type, and then processed into pellets or powders. This material is then molded into new, recycled plastic products.
Can my facility incorporate the program into our sustainability mission?
Absolutely! Ansell strongly encourages you to incorporate the disposable glove recycling program into your company’s sustainability mission as a way to enhance your existing customer relationships and obtain new business.
Notable Achievements
{ "classification": "AWARD", "description": "Excellence in Surgical Product Award" }
{ "classification": "AWARD", "description": "Ansell Cares H.E.R.O. Nurse Service Award" }
{ "classification": "AWARD", "description": "National Safety Council Award" }