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AMSANT's Aims and Objectives

AMSANT aims to improve the health of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory through promoting and extending the principle of local Aboriginal community control over primary health care services to Aboriginal people.

Our aims and objectives

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AOD and Mental Health

Community Control

Over the years, AMSANT has advanced a clear definition of 'community control' and what constitutes a community controlled health service. Essentially, community control is the ability for the people who are going to use health services to determine the nature of those services, and then participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of those services.

Primary Health Care

Primary health care has two meanings. This being the provision of medical services treating individual, generally acute medical conditions. It forms only a part of comprehensive primary health care which is the broader, holistic approach to health problems. As well as primary medical care, primary health care addresses a range of health concerns that have no specific medical intervention.