Business Summary
Agricultural Marketing and Production Systems (AMPS) was established 1999 as a new and unique concept in Australian agriculture.
About Us
  • AMPS was founded on the principles of improving farmer returns and building rural communities
  • Our investment in independent production research aims to improve yields and input efficiencies
  • AMPS Agribusiness is the parent company of the fully owned subsidiary entities. It became a Limited Company in June 2012 and now has over 60 farmer shareholders from Central and Northern NSW
What We Do
  • Develop competitive and sustainable business platforms that support our shareholders and customers
  • Develop sustainable and profitable farming systems
  • Provide agricultural opportunities for future generations
  • Ensure group strategies are in place that represents core values and long term vision of shareholders and customers
  • Develop long term domestic and international relationships with suppliers and end users
  • Pursue new value adding opportunities