Amana Living

Also known as
  • Le Fanu Court
  • Hale House
  • Kinross Care Centre & Respite
  • Muschamp Village
  • St Francis Court
  • St George's Home
  • Wollaston Court
  • Dorothy Genders Village
  • Frederick Guest Village
  • Hillandale Village
  • James Brown House
  • Lefroy Hostel & Day Club
  • Lady McCusker Home
  • Parry House
  • Moline Village
  • St Mary's Close
  • Riley House
  • Peter Arney Home
  • Edward Collick Home
  • Wearne House
About Us

Amana Living Inc. is one of WA's largest not-for-profit providers of care and services for older people.

Our desire is to help older people truly LIVE the second half of their lives. We all want to live active, healthy lives at every age and stage. Amana Living’s philosophy is to achieve this, as far as possible, for all our residents and clients.

We have been serving the community since 1962, so you can be assured of our expertise and quality care and services.

These include residential care centres, housing, home care services, respite care, transition care and dementia services, spread across 21 sites in Perth metro, Australind, Kalgoorlie and Albany.

Our name, Amana Living, represents our philosophy:

  • Amana means truth, integrity, nurturing.
  • Living means helping our residents and clients to optimise their quality of life, with an emphasis on personal enrichment.

We pride ourselves on providing excellence in care and services for people living the second half of life.

What type of organisation is Amana Living?
We are a not-for-profit provider of housing, care and services for older people in Western Australia. Our Board works with our Executive at the strategic level, and their varied professional experience is brought to bear in guiding Amana Living to remain at the forefront of aged care.
What does ‘not-for-profit’ mean?
Our not-for-profit status means that we don’t have shareholders like a private company. This enables us to reinvest more of our revenue back into Amana Living to maintain and improve the quality care and excellent services we are committed to. We also have charitable status.
How long has Amana Living been around?
We were established in 1962 as Anglican Homes and rebranded as Amana Living in 2006. We remain an Anglican organisation; however our current name more accurately reflects our inclusive philosophy. It also focuses on living the second half of life, which is our motto.
Do I have to be an Anglican to receive Amana Living services?
No. We are an inclusive organisation with Christian foundations. Everyone is welcome, whatever their background or beliefs.
Why would I choose Amana Living?
We have been in the business of helping older people to live well in the second half of their lives for over 50 years. Our customer service centre is the best place for you to start. We can step you through the options & help you work out the best package of accommodation, care and services for your individual circumstances. Our expertise in retirement living, clinical and dementia care, housing & other services means that your transition through the various stages of life are easy and seamless.
Does Amana Living do anything more than provide housing and care?
Our brand motto is “Living the second half of life”. This means we go beyond quality care and accommodation to focus on ways to enhance the wellbeing of each individual so that life remains truly meaningful. Donations, grants, bequests and sponsorship support enable us to run our enrichment program, and we have over 200 volunteers dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents and clients.