Business Summary
Serving Melbourne families for 6 generations & over 150 years. Our staff offer a caring experience & help guide people though such a confusing & daunting time.
About Us

A Real Sense of Family

Our beginnings can be traced back to the early 19th century England. Born in Liverpool in 1806, Thomas Allison established himself as a cabinet maker, blind maker and undertaker in Camberwell, London. It was there in 1844 that John was born.

In the 1860s, John Alllison arrived in Melbourne & soon after purchased the business of John Little in Simpsons Rd (Victoria St), Richmond, which had commenced there in 1851. Richmond would become the headquarters of the firm for many years.

John's sons, Jack & Roy, took over before he died in 1921 & Roy, after buying out this brother's share in the late 1920s, changes the firms name to John (Roy V) Allison. In doing so, Roy distinguished it from the other competing firms of Allison.

In 1944 Roy's sons, John & Rob, become partners with their father in the business & in 1956 they purchased a funeral business operated by Norman Monkhouse in the name of its founder, J. Monkhouse & Son.

Since 1988, Rob's son Clive, has been Managing Director & has continued to make Allison Monkhouse one of the foremost funeral firms in the world.

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What We Do

Our Services

At Allison Monkhouse we know arranging funerals in a difficult time can be confusing & daunting. We understand that people have different needs & requests so our staff appreciate this & offer caring experience that is hard to find elsewhere. 

We have services to help:

We are Always Available

Our caring staff are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to guide you through want can appear to be a maze of arrangements both wanted by you & required by others.

We Cater for All Religions & Cultures

We have dedicated staff for various cultures & communities like Chinese, French, Greek, Indian, Korean, Laotian, Sri Lankan & Vietnamese.

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At A Glance
Serving the Melbourne Area for over 150 Years.
We Are Always Available.
We Cater for All Religions & Cultures.
Notable Achievements
Accreditation of the National Funeral Directors Association
Accreditation of the Selected Independent Funeral Homes
Accreditation of the Australian Institute of Embalmers