Business Summary
We have been helping thousands of clients obtain the finance they need, right when they need it most.
About Us

We never send out an Application form to a client and ask them to fill it in themselves. With Allfreight, you just have to sit and answer questions, we fill out and complete all the paperwork, and we do it professionally the way we know the lenders want to see it presented.

This ensures that our clients are always putting their best foot forward and presenting their application with the most amount of compliance in order to get the most favourable and timely outcome that they desire. It’s our job to do the painstaking work and to bear the stress of pulling together all of the required details and documents in a way that the lenders require, in order to get finance approved and achieve the quickest possible positive outcomes. 

If you chose to join Allfreight as a client, you’ll benefit by knowing that nothing’s going to be missed. You can get on with your job while we do the tedious and time consuming work of getting finance for you.