All Hands Brewing House

About Us

One of Sydney’s newest brewery bars.

Welcome to All Hands Brewing House, the hardest working little brewery in town! 

Every craft beer we serve here under the All Hands Brewing House label is hand-crafted on site in our state of the art microbrewery. We are located on the water at King St Wharf, Darling Harbour, Sydney. The brewery is proudly on display for everyone to see, you are welcome to come and sit at our brewery bar and watch the magic happen over one of our specialty brews.

Using only the finest malts and hops with no added preservatives or sugars our brews are 100% natural.

The brewing process happens right before your eyes in the mash tun in our show brewery located on the lower level of the venue, which also houses the fermentation and maturation tanks. When the beer is ready to serve, most of it is transferred to five 1200L serving tanks located behind the bar on the upper level and the rest transferred to 50L kegs. The serving tanks deliver our fresh brews direct to the taps through overhead copper and stainless steel pipes. The rest of the beer is distributed from the keg cellar located behind the serving tanks. For those with a keen interest in the inner workings of a cellar there is a display window facing onto the wharf.

All Hands is also one of very few breweries in Australia to offer genuine Cask Ales. Selected ales are cask conditioned and served under optimum temperature from the dedicated Hand Pump bar.