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At Alinta Energy our mission is to make energy more affordable

At Alinta Energy, we’re doing things differently. We’re going right back to basics. Making energy really simple. The way it should be - more helpful, more transparent and more informative. Innovative energy plans. Offers that make sense. Better ways to do business. Phone calls answered promptly. Questions answered in a straightforward way. Bills explained in real terms.

An understanding

Over the years we’ve learnt a lot from our customers. We’ve learnt a lot about people too. We know that Australians are doing it tough, so we’re here to help. We’re committed to making energy more affordable, for all Australians.

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  • Electricity & Gas
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Does the supply charge apply even if I have electricity and gas connected but don't use it?
Yes. Our customers who only use either electricity or gas seasonally still pay the supply charge, as this covers the cost of maintaining the supply of electricity and gas your home.
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How can I calculate my next bill?
The easiest way to estimate the amount of your next bill is to take a reading from your electricity and gas meter and call Alinta Energy on 133 702. We can then calculate the amount you owe and estimate what the total is likely to be.
How often do I receive my Alinta Energy bill?
Generally we'll send your Alinta Energy electricity bill approximately once every three months and your natural gas once every two month.
What is an estimated account?
Energy retailers in South Australia and Victoria are required to use their best endeavours to obtain an actual read of your meter at least once every 12 months.
What is the supply charge for?
The daily supply charge covers some of the fixed costs of supplying gas to your home or business, including the cost of installation and maintenance of pipelines, gas mains and gas meters.
Why is my electricity or gas bill higher than usual?
Your energy use-and therefore your bill-fluctuates throughout the year depending on the season. Some simple explanations for a higher electricity or gas bills include: Cold weather - In cold weather, most homes use more energy. Your hot water system has to work harder to heat the water, longer showers are common and you're likely to use room heaters more.
Will Alinta Energy ever ask for my personal details over email?
No, Alinta Energy will never ask for your personal or payment details via email. You should only update your account information in My Account or with an authorised Alinta Energy Customer Care representative over the phone. If you receive a suspicious email, please call 13 37 02.
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