Business Summary
Airbags Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer of air springs or air bags, and distributor of internationally recognised air springs used in the suspension of buses, trucks and other applications. We are located in Adelaide, South Australia.
About Us

Airbags Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian manufacturer of air springs/air bags and distributor of internationally recognised air springs in Australia.

The company was established in Adelaide in 1994 when its owners relocated to South Australia after operating a successful business of designing, producing and distributing air springs in Europe for over 11 years. Airbags Australia plays an importing role in the Australian aftermarket industry.

We are a Quality Management System ISO 9001 endorsed company for the design and manufacture of automotive air springs, bellows and rubber components, and a member of the Australian Made Campaign.

Our quality air bags are well recognised in the aftermarket air springs/suspension parts industry. We are committed to high quality products, competitive prices, reliable and responsive client service, and as a result we are preferred supplier of air springs to the majority of the public transport authorities in Australia, and are proud winners of a number of public transport authority’s tenders. Our wide range of clients extend from large transport authorities to smaller fleet operators.

We sell our products either direct or through distributors to a range of customers and find our quality, price and responsive customer service makes us highly competitive in all markets.

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What We Do

Airbags Australia produce a range of BUSCAT™ air springs (airsprings or air bags) to be used as replacement parts in buses and trucks.

These air springs consist of a rubber cylinder enclosing a chamber of air which when positioned between the wheel and the vehicle’s body, absorb the wheel's movement. The air spring must undergo a large number of cycles and a quality product is crucial to ensuring a long part life.

BUSCAT™ air springs are produced to high standards and are made of the best quality rubber and rubber substitutes to ensure long life under these arduous conditions. BUSCAT™ air springs significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs of bus fleets.