Business Summary
Agripath provides business and technical management services to farm clients throughout Australia and internationally.
About Us

The company was formed with a clear vision to provide financial and physical production data to farmers in a format that allows them to understand their business and assist them to make better business decisions. The Agripath team encompasses experienced consultants who have been providing financial and technical advice to farming and grazing clients for twenty years. Office locations are Tamworth, Gunnedah, Geelong and Dalby. Agripath has an extensive network of industry contacts across Australian agriculture, from farm managers and contractors to service providers such as agronomists, bankers, accountants and solicitors. At Agripath we pride ourselves on a culture of excellence and "can do" approach to getting the job done.

What We Do


  • Confidential and validated report on your farm business
  • Enterprise gross margins
  • Farm overheads include labour and plant efficiency ratios

Farm Focus:

Our Farm Focus process is a simple, but highly effective, process of having Agripath review each aspect of your business, in keeping with your key objectives. The aim is to give you access to the best practices we have observed from the hundreds of farm businesses we have worked with overtime.

Corporate Services:

  • Agripath Corporate Services offers the following services to large scale corporate and family owned agribusinesses:
  • Property resource assessments & CAPEX requirements
  • Long term farm rotation development & monitoring
  • Monthly/quarterly/seasonal reviews
  • Performance assessments