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Business Summary
It's our goal to protect Australians communities from the devastation of bushfires as well as minimize the environmental damage caused from oil spill disasters.
About Us

Aerotech is a diversified aviation business that was formed in 1968.

We have built a strong and reliable business by responding to our customers’ needs and our no nonsense approach of getting the job done. We are proud of our position as an industry leader.

Our fixed wing aircraft provide aerial support for crop spraying, fire management, oil spill management and aircraft maintenance.

Aerotech Helicopters specialise in providing fire management, controlled burning, film and television, off shore / over water operations, external load for construction and exploration as well as executive charter.

Aerotech fosters a culture of teamwork, commitment and customer service and promotes a safe working environment for our employees.

What We Do

Aerotech 1ST Response currently provides the following contracted agencies with emergency-services:

National Aerial Fire Fighting Centre (NAFC):-Country Fire Service (CFS) SA for state coverage of fixed wing aerial firefighting services...

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to provide protection for Australia’s coastline in the case of oil spill, under Australia’s national oil spill response strategy.

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