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Business Summary
We undertake the whole process of BASIX certification; including preliminary design advice when required, full calculations for thermal comfort requirements using AccuRate Sustainability, we provide expert advice for the best combinations in order to achieve BASIX compliance for energy and water sections. So far we have 100% success rate in terms of council submissions. The aim is to make developments meet the minimum performance standards by using the most economical in terms of thermal performance materials/components based on the design parameters. When needed, we will recommend adjustments of materials/components in order to achieve the desirable results, for you. AENEC will provide you the best available advice for BASIX commitments as well as in regards to the NatHERS (thermal comfort simulations) and will optimise the design of your new home (or existing one), by using the latest available engineering techniques and industry standards.
About Us

We take the pleasure in introducing you to AENEC (Australian Energy Efficiency Consulting), an Australian company servicing the building sustainability industry and BCA compliance for over 10 years. We already service a large scale of clients ranging from small architectural firms, builders and to larger architectural firms and prime building developer companies.We undertake the whole process of BASIX, NatHERS, ABSA certification process as well as BCA Section J (DTS) & JV3 Reports

What We Do

1.BASIX - New Homes+Apartment Buildings. All new houses and apartment buildings are required to have a BASIX certificate completed as part of development applications. The BASIX has three segments. Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy

2.BASIX - Alterations & Additions for existing dwellings; Extensions and/or alterations to existing homes that have a construction cost in excess of $50,000 are required to have BASIX certification, however optional BASIX certification is available for all other applications and is recommended.

3.NatHERS - ABSA certifications - Australia Wide; The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme is a star rating system (out of ten) that rates the energy efficiency of a home, based on its design.

4.BCA Section J (DTS) & JV3 Reports - for Class 3-9 Developments

How do I get a BASIX certificate?
A BASIX certificate is obtained after a professional completes the sustainability assessment for your project using the online BASIX assessment tool. Once the design parameters of your project have met the BASIX requirements, a certificate will be issued. The BASIX assessment will measure your proposed development for sustainability against the applicable BASIX targets that are based on the NSW home benchmark average. Then a score will be issued and adjustments are possible to be made
What is NatHERS?
The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a national framework for the purpose of regulating how Australian homes are rated for their thermal performance. The costs and environmental impacts of heating and cooling a home can be reduced through good design and construction of our homes. Assessment of a building's thermal performance at design stage by a NatHERS accredited assessor can identify simple, economical ways to make it more comfortable and save energy.
What information is required for a BASIX assessment?
For a BASIX - NatHERS - ABSA Assessment/Certification to be prepared, we require the following information: Site Plan including True North and next door buildings Full set of drawings of the project that are to be submitted to council. Construction details. Usually all the necessary information is provided in the drawings. If further is needed, our staff will contact you.
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