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About Us

Adelaide Recycled Timbers is located in Uraidla, South Australia and specialises in asbestos removal, demolition, recycled timber and salvage.

Glynn Liebelt has owned and run the business for over 15 years and offers safe and professional service and Free quotes.

What We Do

Adelaide Recycled Timbers also specialises in:
  • Demolition
  • Salvage
  • Recycled Timber 
Demolition & Salvage
  • In all demolition jobs the place is stripped bare
  • Roof iron, gutters and downpipes are on sold.
  • Free quotes 
Recycled Timber
  • All timber is de-nailed and on sold to builders and flooring specialists
  • Same with fireplaces, windows and doors 
Adelaide Recycled Timbers services the following areas:
  • Adelaide
  • Adelaide Hills
  • Most of South Australia