Business Summary
Adelaide Brighton Cement is a leading manufacturer of cement, lime and pre-packaged dry-blended products specifically engineered to suit the requirements of our customers.
About Us

Adelaide Brighton Cement

Our wide operational base facilitates prompt supply to our customers and allows for the strategic balance of production capacity to meet demands across the nation.

This, in turn, allows us to offer a supply package that is flexibly supported with transportation, storage and supply logistics for locations throughout Australia and Asia. 

Adelaide Brighton Cement's diverse operational capability enables us to offer turn-key solutions that ensures our primary goal of exceeding customer expectations is consistently met.

Adelaide Brighton Cement operates within the Cement and Lime division of Adelaide Brighton Limited, which has over 1600 employees with operations in all Australian states and territories. 

Adelaide Brighton Limited originated in 1882 and is an S&P/ASX 100 company with main activities including the production of clinker, cement and lime products, premixed concrete and aggregates and concrete masonry products.


Sustainability is about managing our business to ensure success for the long term.

Our commitment to sustainability is built on a sound business strategy that supports continuous improvement in the social, environmental, and economic performance of the Company.

We do this by continually analysing our activities and considering the needs of all stakeholders to identify key opportunities for improvement and sustainable development


We believe that crucial to the achievement and success of the business, employees and the practices and systems that are applied need to be aligned with individual and team goals to achieve overall company success.

How does stone size affect the concrete strength?
Changing the stone size from 6 mm to 10 mm (or 10 mm to 14 mm or 14 mm to 20 mm) will reduce the water required to obtain a nominal 75 mm slump by about 10 L/m3. It is the reduction in water not the increase in stone size that increases the strength of the concrete.
What does it mean to cure concrete?
Curing concrete means keeping the concrete wet to allow the mix water to chemically react with cement to develop the required strength. Curing time is the time taken for concrete to reach its optimum strength.
What is a practical method to cure concrete?
Covering the concrete with plastic or spraying with a curing compound is the most practical method.
What concrete mix can be used for a home driveway?
A good practical mix would be 1:2:3 by volume mix. This means 1 part cement to 2 parts sand to 3 parts stone, measured with a container (e.g. a 10 litre bucket). Do not measure your mix by shovelfuls.
Why should a shovel not be used to measure materials for concrete or mortar?
Cement is dry and flows easily while sand is usually damp and sticks together. The result is a shovelful of cement will lie fairly flat on the shovel and thus will be less in volume than a shovelful of sand.
Notable Achievements
SA Premier's Award for Environmental Management