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About Us

Ace Water Technology is a privately-owned Australian drilling company with vast experience in mineral and water exploration and a large fleet of multi-purpose drilling rigs to suit all aspects of the industry.

The business was started in 1998 as Central West Water Drillers. Morrie Meagher and Mick O’Neill, the co-founders of the company, gained extensive experience working in the same industry and built Ace Water Technology as part of their professional vision.

The growth of Ace Water Technology has been largely due to our simplistic approach in dealing with customers in our community. We aim to find the best solutions for our customers and guide them through the process of drilling. We operate in an open and transparent way to make it easier for our customers to understand each step, avoiding jargon or uncertainty.

Ace Water Technology is committed to being at the cutting edge of technology and innovation, and in doing so we aim to end a long drought of innovation within the industry. We want our customer to benefit from disruptive technologies that can deliver value to communities and solve long-standing problems such as water shortage and drought throughout Australia.

Ace Water Technology is a member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA), which is committed to reform and change of industry practices and procedures, placing a high value on safety, training and awareness for all drilling companies who operate throughout Australia.

What We Do

Ace Water Technology, with its vast experience in mineral and water exploration, handles several aspects of the drilling industry, such as diamond core drilling, reverse circulation drilling, open hole drilling and mud drilling, among others. Coal exploration is a segment of the industry where Ace Water Technology intends to maintain its presence currently and in the future.

Below are our lists of services:

  • Coal Exploration
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Water Exploration
  • Water Bores (Standard & Premium)


  • We do core drilling, PCD and open hole drilling; air/hammer drilling; and rotary drilling.
  • All rigs and machinery are MDG (ITS)15 compliant. We have a grout pump, we do packer testing, Coring up to LD8”, Downhole camera to 450 metres, A fleet of late model truck-mounted top head drive rigs.