Business Summary
In 2014, 48 Flavours was born! The concept was based on fresh produce, product made in store, and emphasis on Asian and Vegan Flavours, using quality local milk, with quality ingredients from the Adelaide Central Market.
About Us

The main reason of course is that it represents the range that we have in store each day of the week however it means a lot more. It means that we always have a range of twelve dairy free sorbets made with fresh fruit that are vegan. Further vegan flavours include four either soy milk gelato, almond milk or coconut milk gelato guaranteed every day . With such as extensive range it allows us to be creative like with our award winning champion gelato in the South Australian Dairy Awards 2017; Pear, Gorgonzola, Organic Fig and Roasted Walnut. It also gives us enough flavours to keep all the traditional like Pistachio, Hazelnut , Chocolate , Vanilla etc.

We specialize in Asian Gelato Flavours including; Durian, Black Sesame, Taro , Taro and Coconut, Lychee, Pandan and more.