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Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge is the largest town situated on the Murray River in South Australia and is situated 76km east-southeast of Adelaide. Temperatures vary from an average high of 29 degrees in summer to an average high of 17 degrees in winter.

The city has had several names changes. Mobilon was first, then Edwards Crossing and, in 1924, it became Murray Bridge. The town is named for the site of the first road bridge completed across the Murray River in 1879. Seven years later, a separate rail bridge was completed. The building of the Swanport Bridge in 1979 diverted most of the traffic from the historic bridge.

Murray Bridge has a prosperous economy driven by primary and secondary industries including dairy, poultry, pigs, snow peas and tomatoes. Tourism is provided by houseboats, water based activities and the rich river history of the area. There are nine sunken paddle steamers and barges below the surface of the river. Apart from cruises, water sports and fishing, motor sports and horse racing are very popular, while there’s a museum, ten pin bowling centre and cinema in Murray Bridge.

Murray Bridge is a scenic drive from Adelaide. Coaches and charters are available. Murray River train station is on the Adelaide -Melbourne route, arriving several times a week.

Business & Government Listings in Murray Bridge