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Mt Isa

Referred to as the Oasis of the Outback, Mt Isa is the commercial and industrial centre of Queensland’s Gulf Country. A true outback town in terms of its remoteness, Mt Isa lies south of the Gulf of Carpentaria and 905km west of Townsville. It is 1,823km north of Brisbane. Temperatures vary from an average high of 36 degrees in summer to an average high of 25 degrees in winter.

John Campbell Miles discovered a rich seam of silver-lead in 1923. A town soon came into existence and mining operations started. In 1968, Mt Isa was proclaimed a city, the population having reached 18,000. Mount Isa Mine is a truly great mine, being the world's largest single producer of copper, silver, lead and zinc.

The local theatre group holds plays and musicals at least once every few months, there’s a cinema complex, skate park-aquatic centre and a multi-purpose sporting complex. Buchanan Park holds concerts and expos.

An airline service is available from Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns and from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Queensland Rail operates a twice-weekly passenger service from Townsville. There are buses from Townsville and Brisbane and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. There is a local taxi service.

Business & Government Listings in Mt Isa